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Important Notice

Dear Valued Clients, We have recently undergone an entity change from a Sole Proprietor to a (Pty) Ltd. Netwise Multimedia has now become Netwise Multimedia (Pty) Ltd. Our Registration Number is 2023/759529/07.

On the right you can download our new CIPC Document & BEE Affidavit for your perusal. Our banking details have also changed and we attach proof of banking details. Please update our banking details on your system to avoid returned payments. Do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information.

We thank you for your continued support.

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Email Health

We get a lot of queries about email and performance and wanted to shed some light on a common email performance issue - Mailbox Size.

One of the main reasons email data files crash is the size of your email account. Email with big mailbox sizes take longer to syncronise. This can slow down receiving of mails and if interuppted, while syncronising, can cause you mailbox to crash.

A simple solution is to archive emails onto your local machine. This removes old emails from the server and creates an archive mail folder on your computer so you can still access older mails but do not have to let them syncronise back to the server.

Please find an easy step by step guide to archive older emails HERE

We reccomend keeping you mailbox under 2Gb whenever possible. This ensures quick responsive email service and drastically reduces the chance of your mailbox crashing.

We can assist with email archiving over anydesk if you require assitance.

Anydesk can be downloaded for free HERE