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Hosting and Services Comparison Chart

Netwise Multimedia prides itself in offering what has to be the greatest professional website hosting deal in the country. Below we have listed a comparison chart of what you get with us verses what (in general) most other website developers and ISP's offer.

Item Netwise Multimedia Providers in General
Website Speed Website pages served quicker as fewer websites are hosted on a single server. We don't allow more than 10% of server load capacity being used at any given time. Page load speed plays an important role on whether people visiting your web page will wait for the page to load or go away. They literally cram hundreds of websites on a single public server causing server loads to hover around 70% - 80% So the time taken to serve pages much slower.
Hosting package  One price no matter how much space you need Different packages with limitations to the amount of space they allow on the server
Number of mailboxes Unlimited Limited by the package you purchase
Size Limitations Unlimited (But we will ask you to clean up your mailbox when it reaches 50 000 emails as the server system cannot back more than this per email box) Limited by the package you purchase
Number of email forwarders Unlimited Limited by the package you purchase 
Number of Email aliases Unlimited Limited by the package you purchase 
Mail Type POP or IMAP (We prefer IMAP as we can back up your mail for you should your hard drive fail, your computer be stolen or your dog drools on your keyboard and shorts out your computer Most offer POP or IMAP - if they offer IMAP it's usually without a backup service
Mail Pointing to Another Provider If you use an MS Exchange Server, hosted MS exchange server, Office 365 Hosted mail or Google API services we will point your mail records to this provider. Most other ISP's will point mail services too.
Mail and Website Backups We provide 14 days worth of backups of both mail (IMAP) and your website. We can restore indidual mail folders. Most other providers backup just the website.
Server-side Spam Filtering All mail entering our servers AND leaving our servers is scanned and given a spam score. If mail coming in or out of the server scores above 4.5 it is pulled as spam and placed in your spam bucket. If it is an email you sent it will be returned to you notifying you that it was held back. Incoming mail receiving a high score is sent to the spam bucket where you can still retrieve it. If not retrieved within 14 days the server will delete it automatically. Most ISP's check incoming mail only and some provide access to spam boxes, some don't.
 Mail security Our servers are well protected against mail theft. We take security very seriously. We cannot comment on othewr ISP's security levels.
 Data Traffic We do not limit the amount of server traffic your hosting solution incurs monthly. Most ISP's include a set amount of traffic in the hosting agreement. Thereafter you pay per MB.
 SSL Certificates This protects the data flow between your pc and the server. Banks use this kind of security for online banking and it is now a requirement for Google page one listing in organic searches. We offer free SSL certification free for each hosting solution.  Some provide a public low level common SSL certicates - one for all hosting solutions on each of their public servers.
 Website Security We offer specialised firewall software on every website. Our firewalls guard against all levels of attack and the spamming of your website registration component.  None offered by most developers and ISP's.
Technical Updates to Websites We run technical updates to your Joomla CMS website as an when they are necessary. Some updates that come through have no bearing on anything related to security or mainline functionality so these wait until a security update of significance comes through. These security updates are done free for you - we do not charge retainers.  ISP's offer no services in this area. Very few website developers take care of these. Those that do will normally charge a monthly retainer.
Technical Support We offer technical support for your website and your mail services that includes team viewing with you to help set up your mailboxes.  Most offer only basic support and will not teamview with you.
Support for hacked websites - Guarantee If your website is hosted on our servers, we take full responsibility should your website ever be hacked. We will restore your website at our cost, not yours. If you are hosting elsewhere this does not apply. ISP's offer NO support for a hacked site and most Deverlopers will charge you for fixing or redeveloping your website.